Trinity’s LAMP Team Pastor Brett, Curt, Jim, Andrew, Stacey, Emma & Kenzie


The Team representing Trinity will be leaving Friday, July 14th for a week of VBS & Sports Camp FUN!  This year’s trip will include sharing of skills to the adults in Muskrat Dam.  Your Team will be sharing the following skills:
  • Quilt Making
  • Car Diagnostics
  • Gun Cleaning and Repair
If you have not had a chance to help out with the trip here are a few opportunities:
  • Coin Jar Donations
  • Sponsor one of the Team members
  • Assist in prepping of art supplies
  • AND MOST IMORTANTLY – Pray for the people of Muskrat Dam and their needs along with the Team’s ability to meet their needs and share the love of our Lord and Savior.  
A BIG thanks to all those that assisted in cutting out fabric to help Emma prep for her Quilting Class in Muskrat Dam.  Also a BIG thanks to all those that assisted in prepping crafts for Kenzie for VBS in Muskrat Dam.  What a blessing!
Having everything prepped before the Team leaves means more time to spend spreading the real purpose that we are in Muskrat Dam ---- GOD’s LOVE!